Creation – the making of something that was not there before. An art, practice or activity that has creativity and imagination (from “Rav Milim”). Sound design is an integral part of the puzzle of creation. For a piece of work to be complete it is important to define and shape the sound of it in a most appropriate manner.

Comedy or drama?

While viewing the opening scene of the movie “Saving Private Ryan” with no sound, a scene where Spielberg recreates one of the historic battles of World War II and is known best for its power and effect on the viewer, becomes an insignificant and dull scene (it is recommended to try at home). Watching it with no sound emphasizes the possibility to shape the soundtrack of the scene in a comic or grotesque way.

Beyond the technical matter of high audio quality (which begins at the recording stage), there is an artistic side. A complete piece is a work that drives our senses and emotions. The editing and the design of sound has an important impact on the work atmosphere.

Whether you are musicians, filmmakers, animators, dancers, in advertising or public relations – here you will find a place for editing, mixing and sound design.

I learned to play the guitar at the age of 17 and have written and played music ever since. From what the world of music has offered me I chose to specialize in sound.

I began studying sound engineering at The Kinneret Academic College in Israel. During my studies I specialized in recording, editing and mixing as well as movie recordings and sound design. I graduated my studies with honors and great pleasure.

Since then I have worked as a field mixer in student productions, documentary features and promotional videos. Furthermore, I designed soundtracks for student films, animation films and stop-motion videos. While at the same time being exposed to the world of radio, where I currently edit promos and signals, and serve as a sound engineer for bands hosting live at the studio.

Throughout it all, mixing and recording practice connects me to the world of music, where it all began. Working with computers and the internet are among my many hobbies, including being the founder of a number of sites and managing them as well. Some of which are still under my management. My interest in computers and the internet allows me great simplicity and productivity concerning the technological environment of today.